Continental Chicago

now in its one-hundred-and-eightieth year

Rooftop Chicago

Rooftop Chicago, West Side, 2012 (Credit: Susan Barsy)

Rooftop Chicago shakes up your head, forcing you to see familiar buildings in a whole new way.  Plus this picture, shot through a plate-glass window, makes the city look so lush and glamorous.  It almost most never looks that way to me from the street.

3 comments on “Rooftop Chicago

  1. Sam Dune
    July 28, 2012

    Nice clear photo—very sharp and well done !………..Did you need to “shop” it any ?

    • Susan Barsy
      July 28, 2012

      Sam–No, it just came out with those rich hues. It was early evening, so the light was reddish.

  2. Joe
    July 23, 2012

    I love seeing Chicago from the air at night……one of the few good things about air travel these days.

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