Continental Chicago

now in its one-hundred-and-eightieth year


Continental Chicago is a microcosmic take on American culture and life, as it manifests itself to one female intellectual living in the great central city of the US.  Chicago has always been a crossroads to people from all over the continent and world—the hub of a vast hinterland, where national and global currents converge.   Within the bounds of Chicago, the dilemmas, opportunities, and pleasures of contemporary existence crystallize, giving what happens here urgency and moment.

Chicago is most unsung of the nation’s three largest cities.  It has never had a great newspaper.  Its media and intellectual community lack bite and power.  I can’t change that in any significant way, but I can give myself the satisfaction of offering what I believe to be just and nuanced impressions of this great (if also greatly troubled) place.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts.  Many were originally published on Our Polity, my blog about national politics and history; if you like, you can visit it by clicking here.


Susan Barsy
March 2013

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