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When Spring Comes to Chicago

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond in Chicago's Lincoln Park in spring

Now that it’s getting nice outside I’ve been going through all my old photographs of the city and came across this one.  It’s of the beautiful pavilion in Lincoln Park: you know, on the secret pond with the Japanese/Prairie-style landscaping that Alfred Caldwell designed.

I had lived in Lakeview for several years before I even noticed the gate leading into this garden.  When I went in, I was astonished to find this dazzling hideaway.  It’s particularly romantic when the water iris are blooming and the water fowl are skittering along the pond’s edges with their newborns.

Isn’t it enchanting when spring finally comes to our fair city?  I haven’t had a lot of time this spring to go out walking and take pictures of the parks and so on, but if you have any photographs of this sort, feel free to send them to this address, and I’ll share a few of the ones I like best in a post.

Maybe you’re a Chicagoan and have a favorite picture that perfectly sums up spring?  For that matter, if you’re reading this somewhere else—in Nepal, say, or Australia—you are welcome to send in a picture of what spring looks like wherever you are.

Lovers on an Oak Street bench in spring


3 comments on “When Spring Comes to Chicago

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  2. Sam Dune
    April 27, 2012

    That is a really nice picture of the pond-are there any other photos to share of that same secret garden?

    • Susan Barsy
      April 29, 2012

      Sam–This one is the best I have. Would love to see other pictures of spring that readers have to share! SB

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