Continental Chicago

now in its one-hundred-and-eightieth year

Message Barn

Photograph of decaying barn with religious message

Are there message barns in other countries?  I tend to think of them as particularly American, because of the religious and political messages they express.  This one, with its violent and judgmental vision, gives off an ominous vibe on the sunniest day.


2 comments on “Message Barn

  1. Sam Dune
    August 17, 2012

    Dear me! That is indeed a most heavy message—though I’m not quite sure what I make of it….. And yes, throughout my travels in the states I have seen other barns with messages on them too. Thanks for sharing this intriguing photo.

    • Susan Barsy
      August 19, 2012

      Sam–if I had to paraphrase, it would be something like–men can be like god in taking life, but god will sit in judgment on both the man of violence and his victim–I drive by this barn often on weekend outings, and I sometimes wonder whether it’s an anti-abortion barn, or a place where something bad once happened. Because the barn is deserted and decrepit, the message seems like the owner’s final statement about who will have the last word on something.

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